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Developing Low-Cost Technologies to Improve Water Quality and Sustainable Agricultural Practices in South Dakota

Exploring New Microbial Pathway for Nitrate Control by Cover Crop and Bioreactor at the Southeast Research Station

Identification of Solar-Powered N2-Fixing Cyanobacteria from Native Grasslands for Soil Health and Bio-Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in South Dakota Crop Fields

Acquisition of a Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Soil Probe for Subsampling Soil

Calibration of Nitrogen Requirement of Oats Grown for Grain in South Dakota 

Impacts of Manure and Inorganic Fertilizer on Soil Fertility, Water Quality, and Crop Yield in South Dakota

Impact of Phosphorus Soil Test Level Differences on Crop Response in No-Till Soils in Central South Dakota

In-season N Application in Corn to Improve Fertilizer Efficiency in Eastern South Dakota

Survey of South Dakota Producers’ Current Nutrient Management Practices

Combining Soil fertility and Soil Health to improve Corn Potassium, Phosphorus, and Sulfur Fertilizer Recommendations

Building Potassium Fertilizer Guidelines that Include Soil Classification Information

Building a South Dakota Corn No-tillage N Recommendation Algorithm that Considers Improvements in Soil Health

Sulfur and Nitrogen Dynamics for Rye Raised as a Cover Crop

Development of Inexpensive Y-drop System Combined with a Cover Crop Planter to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency while Inter-seeding Cover Crops

Influence of Manure and Fertilizer Application in Corn-Soybean-Spring Wheat-Cover Crops Rotation on Water Availability and Quality, Soil Fertility and Crop Yield

Sulfur source and application timing effect on soybean yield


Acquisition of a Combine for Soil Fertility Research Trials Crop Harvest


Acquisition of Nutrient Applicator Package on Planter

Application of Biosolid-based Nitrogen Control Release Fertilizers to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Corn Production and Soil Health in South Dakota

Breeding for Improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) in South Dakota Winter Wheat Under Regenerative Agriculture Management

Engaging, Educating, and Empowering Agriculture through an Interview-based Podcast

Evaluating Selected Soil Health Indices for Predicting Nitrogen Fertilizer Requirement for Winter Wheat in Western South Dakota

Evaluation of Zinc and Boron Micro-nutrients on Con Nutrition and Grain Yield in Eastern South Dakota

Evaluation of Soil Test Potassium and Side Dress Application of Potassium and Biochar on Corn Nutrition and Grain Yield in Eastern South Dakota

Fertilization Management to Reduce Potential Yield Declines Following No-till Adoption in South Dakota

Fertilizer N Rate Recommendation Update for Corn

Identifying Nutrient Loss Hot Spots in Tile Drainage

Influence of Interseeding Cover Crops on Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate Requirement for Optimal Corn Grain Yield in a No-till System

Influence of Nitrogen Stabilizers and Application Dates in No-Tillage Corn Production on Nitrogen Use Efficiency and N Losses to the Atmosphere and Groundwater

Investigating Impact of Starter Fertilizer Placement on Plan Development, Grain Yield, and Nutrient Uptake

Investigating Fertilizer Response and Requirement in High Protein Soybean Varieties

Investigating P and K Fertilizer Application Timing and Management Strategy on Crop Yield, and Nutrient Uptake - Equipment Acquisition and Research Initiation

The impact of phosphorus soil test level differences on crop response, phosphorus leaching, and phosphorus runoff under long-term no-till management in South Dakota

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