South Dakota farmers know the importance of clean water, fertile soil, and sustainable production practices.  Many have voluntarily adopted various conservation practices to safeguard natural resources.  However, there is currently a lack of research and on-farm testing of science-based nutrient management practices specific to South Dakota to enable our producers to effectively manage their resources.  In addition, nutrient runoff has become a centerpiece of lawsuits in surrounding states.

Over the past several years, nearly $2 million has been cut from agricultural research at South Dakota State University (SDSU) and the most recent fertilizer recommendations from SDSU for South Dakota farmers were published in 2005.  At the same time, there is greater need for nutrient research and educational programs to ensure the adoption and implementation of practices that optimize nutrient use efficiency, ensure foil fertility and address environmental concerns with regard to fertilizer use.

In response, the South Dakota Legislature passed a bill in 2016 creating and funding the Nutrient Research and Education Council.  The purpose of the Council is to request, evaluate, fund and share the findings of nutrient research projects.

The Council is made up of representatives from organizations of the fertilizer industry, growers, commodities, specialty fertilizer, environmental, and certified agronomy as well as the Ag Experiment Station, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the Department of Agriculture, and meets at least twice each year.


Commercial Fertilizer 

A total of $0.90/ton of fertilizer sold is collected by retailers.  SDCL 38-19

$0.15 stays with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture to administer the fertilizer program (Effective February 2, 2009)
$0.50 goes to NREC for investment into nutrient research and outreach programs (Effective July 1, 2016) 

$0.25 goes into the Precision Agriculture Fund (Effective July 1, 2018) 

Manipulated Manure

A total of $0.80/ton of manipulated manure sold is collected by retailers. SDCL 38-19A

$0.05 stays with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture to administer the program (Effective February 2, 2009)

$0.50 goes to NREC for investment into nutrient research and outreach programs (Effective July 1, 2016)

$0.25 goes into the Precision Agriculture Fund (Effective July 1, 2018)



Ryan Wolf, Winfield United (Specialty Fertilizer Industry)

Email:  rrwolf@landolakes.com


Ryan Schuchhardt, Agtegra (Fertilizer Industry)

Email:  ryan.schuchhardt@agtegra.com


Colin Nachtigal, SD Soybean Association (Grower Organization)


Jim Loken, Helena (Fertilizer Industry)

Council Members

Kevin Bachmeier, Mosaic (Fertilizer Industry)

Richard Vasgaard, SD Farm Bureau (Grower Organization)

Richard Jenny, Agvise & SD CCA Board of Directors; (Certified Crop Adviser Association)

Bruce Haines, SD State Conservation Commission (Farmer Member)

Robert Walsh, SD Corn Utilization Council (Commodity Organization)

Council Members Non-Voting

Bryan Jorgensen, Soil Health Coalition (Environmental Organization)

Dana Loseke, Friends of Big Sioux River (Environmental Organization)

Bill Gibbons, SD Agriculture Experiment Station at SDSU

Trevor Hupp, SD Department of Agriculture

Paul Wegleitner, SD Department of Environment and Natural Resources



July 14, 9:00-4:00



December 2 (draft)