Funded Projects

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Calibration of Nitrogen Requirement of Oats Grown for Grain in South Dakota

Exploring New Microbial Pathway for Nitrate Retention to Increase Agroecosystem Sustainability

Impacts of Cattle Manure and Inorganic Fertilizer on Soil Fertility, Water Quality, and Crop Yield in South Dakota

Developing Low-cost Technologies to Improve Water Quality and Sustainable Agricultural Practices in South Dakota

In-season N Application in Corn to Improve Fertilizer Efficiency in Eastern South Dakota

The Impact of Soil Test Level Differences on Crop Response, P Leaching, and P Runoff Under Long-term No-till Management in South Dakota

Fertilization management to reduce potential yield declines following no-till adoption in SD

Identifying Solar-Powered N2-Fixing Cyanobacteria in Topsoils of South Dakota for Soil Fertility and Practical Application

Sulfur and Nitrogen Dynamics For Rye Raised as a Cover Crop

Fertilizer N Rate Recommendation Update for Corn

Influence of Interseeding Cover Crops on Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate Requirement for Optimal Corn Grain Yield in a No-till System

Survey of SD Farmers' Current Nutrient Management Practices